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Cake party


A cake party took place here, at our school, for the students of the last year of  Art A-Level. This special event was organised by the English department. The cake party was a success, because almost 50 students decided to participate! Every participant had to bring their contest entry along with its recipe, which of course had to be written in English!


Many students came to the gym to see and eat all the cakes, muffins, cupcackes, etc that other students had cooked. The gym was so crowded that many people had to eat outside. At the end, the jury, which was composed by Patxi Maeztu, Cleofé Jimenez, Marisol San Martín, Marta Oses and Helena Oses, decided who had won. The winners were…


1st place: Sara Cruz (1ºA)

2nd place: Joana Hernandes (2ºB)

3rd place: Soraya Sanz (1ºD)

Everyone who came had a great time, and we are looking forward to next year’s cake party!
Pictures of the event


Cake party review by Helena García  de la Peña (2ºD)